A Day on the Bay…


Well, it’s been a busy summer on the water in San Francisco.  The wind has been non-stop and the kitesurfers are not the only ones getting in on the action.  America’s Cup has been racing for over a month now, and outside of the races, their 72ft, skeletal, space-age ships can be seen reaching across the bay-scapes.  And boy do they move!


Today, Dymtro and I were out for an afternoon session and so was the Oracle Team.  Training on two identical boats, we watched the team work on their jibes, attempting to stay up on foil, keeping speed steady.  It’s such a remarkable feat to be able to maintain balance, sail trim, all while carrying 20-40 knots of speed!

It’s like learning how to ride a board, well, at least some of it…



Dymtro got his session’s worth, working on board skills and learning about the equipment.   It’s one thing to able to kitesurf and another be able to set it up.  Now, we’re ready to hit the water with the Oracle boats!


Like all good sailors, you have to have your exit strategy.  When the wind dies and your left on on the water, you are sometimes left to create your way back to land.  Handling your gear in and out of the water is a good way to prepare!